The beginnings of stand up padle boarding were developed in Hawaii. Soon the paddle boarding spread throughout the world and is more popular every day. It is suitable for all waters, whether it be a sea, a river or a lake. The expresion “SUP” stands for “Stand Up Paddling”, which means: “You’re standing and paddling.” The very name tells the whole procedure of stand up paddle boarding. You get on the board, you take a paddle in your hands and glide along the water surface. If you want to stay on board, you should take care of balance and you already are master of paddling. When the water is wavy, SUP is always more demanding, but there is no reason to worry. You can decide on what kind of water – calm or wavy – will you go and at the same time you will adjust the complexity. Falling or slipping from the board is rare, but when we land in the water, swimming is an essential skill. When a paddle boarding is performed in the morning or in the evening, recreation can quickly change in vacations. The board, which cuts the sun’s rays on a calm water surface, creates an unforgettable experience.

It is! Whatever you think this is a supernatural science fiction for now, it’s really easy and quick to conquer, regardless of years and your past experience on the water. When you get used to it, it becomes a as a bicycle ride. Stand up paddling is a great water sport for all generations for getting in shape the posture, since with proper technique, almost all muscles on your body work.

  • whole body exercise from head to toe
  • balance, strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility and stability
  • positive impact of cardiovascular exercise
  • outdoor exercise in nature
  • paddle boardnig is fun and relaxed

You can paddle practically anywhere where water is deeper than a meter. Of course, it is highly recommended to explore the beauty of the emerald Soča river. The most beautiful locations, such as the confluence of the Soča and Tolminka, the Most na Soči lake and its peaceful hidden corners are obligatory on the list of each paddle boarder.

This question arises for anyone who step on paddle board for the first time. On a hot day, you really need only swimwear. Do not forget, of course, sun cream, sunglasses and a hat with shield. We mostly paddle barefoot. In warm spring or autumn days, you can also wear a sports shirt or lightweight sportswear. Whatever the case, the good will of course is indispensable.

In the Posočje region, you can rent an inflatable board at Soča SUP agency. The easiest way is to book it one day in advance trough our online reservation system. We meet at the entry point along the Soča river, where you can take the SUP and return it. The rental price includes one SUP, adjustable paddle, safety leash and life vest if needed. On request, you can also get a waterproof bag for personal belongings. Paddle boarding is not guided.

The availability of paddle boards in advance can be guaranteed only upon prior payment of the reservation.

Where is our meeting spot?