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In addition to the general conditions, we would like to remind you of some key instructions before booking:

  1. Paddle boarding can only be booked one day in advance through our reservation system. The booking is valid upon successful prepayment. Enter the valid e-mail, because you will receive payment information on you e-mail.
  2. Your booking is valid for the time period you chose. The time period represents the start and end time. If you have selected e.g. the time “2 pm – 5 pm” then you start paddling exactly at 2 pm and you finish till 5 pm.
  3. Due to the preparations, you must be at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before the start!
  4. In case of any delay, be sure to call us on +386 41 991 398! We wait 30 minutes for an unjustified delay. After this time, your reservation is no longer valid and in this case we will not refund the money! We do not extend the missed time.
  5. Each individual must collect the SUP equipment in person and sign a statement of responsibility.
  6. SUP boards are delivered to the meeting point only upon valid booking.
  7. The booking includes an inflatable SUP board, paddle, safety rope, waterproof bag and, if necessary, a life jacket. We will also show you a basic steps how to paddle.
  8. For children 12 years of age and younger, the use of a life jacket is mandatory. Independent use of SUP for children aged 10 and under is not allowed. Children 10 years of age and younger may be present on SUP operated by an adult.
  9. Number of registered persons represents the number of beneficiaries on the reservation.