SUP trip 2 hours

2 hours paddling

2 hours paddling


Every trip with the SUP is active and diverse. The most beautiful part of exploring the area along a river is that you discover hidden corners, which you would never see on foot!

Paddle boarding brings you a pleasant gathering, enjoying the fresh air, and also recreation and movement. By paddling and stabilizing the body, you engage almost all muscular groups and this is therefore a great way to get fit. With this kind of activity, you relax, explore, enjoy the fresh air, and on the other hand, it offers you the opportunity to get involved in some serious movement. You will be thrilled, because you will do something good for your body and health.

After you get to know the lake, you will have time to paddle under a bridge and come to the confluence of Soča and Idrijca.

Try paddling on Soča river

We had a great time! Paddling was even better on this awesome river. Good service and staff. Paddle boards are new.